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Art Smart

Art Smart

Art is for everyone, but sometimes, the way we talk about art doesn't make sense to anyone. Art Smart breaks through the confusing artspeak to help everyone understand and enjoy art a little bit more. Every episode is short and to the point giving you a quick overview of the topic in just a few minutes. 

In Season 1, Art Smart focused on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. The elements of art are the building blocks of art and the principles of design focus on how artists arrange those building blocks. Understanding the Elements and Principles can help you become a better creator whether you aspire to be the next Leonardo da Vinci, or you just want your family photos to look good on social media. 

For Season 2, Art Smart is focusing on different eras and movements in art. What is the difference between modern and post-modern? How were the Post-Impressionists and Impressionists similar and different? Learn all about these and other movements in season 2. Each episode will cover a movement or era in broad strokes, then give you five specific artists/works to look at for a better understanding.

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Kyle Wood

Kyle Wood took the winding path in life. As a child he excelled academically and accepted a full tuition academic scholarship to college with the intention of studying medicine. After a month, he decided he would not want to make a career of seeing people on their worst days. He walked away to pursue his creative passions. 


He played music in a few bands before a friend intervened telling him that he was terrible as a musician but ok as a visual artist. His friends then bundled his paintings and drawings into a makeshift portfolio to attend one of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago’s immediate decision days. Despite the shambolic presentation, the admissions person saw potential admitting Kyle to the prestigious school where he earned a BFA in 2007.


After graduating from SAIC, Kyle began his teaching career. He quickly gained recognition for his approach to education focusing on the strengths each child brings to their work and his unique application of gaming methods to make the learning process more fun. As a teacher leader, he has presented at multiple academic conferences, appeared on educational podcasts and offers free resources for other art teachers on his website. His Arts Madness Tournament has grown every year as more teachers and students around the United States discover the joys of passing judgment on a diverse group of artists.

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