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Here is what our content partners have to say about Airwave

Steven and Gabby Bell
“Airwave grew my audience and my earnings as promised. There’s a tendency among podcasters to 'go it alone.’ Don't do it. Focus on your content and let Airwave help you build.”
Host of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
"I am super happy with Airwave Media. My podcast went from barely supporting itself to making a healthy income every month. The Airwave team has been very easy to work with and friendly. They continue to obtain top quality advertisers for my show while I sit back and do what I love to do...podcast."
Host of Earn & Invest
Earn & Invest
Redacted History
"Joining the Airwave Team was probably the best thing I could have done early on in my podcast journey. In six months, my show downloads tripled.”
Host of Redacted History
"Airwave manages a big team of big shows, yet I always know they have time for me. They care about their podcasts and podcasters equally and support us through thick and thin. I've tested out a few networks over the years, and only AirWave has led with absolute kindness and candor from day one."
Host of What If World
What If World
Historical Blindness
"More than any network I've worked with, Airwave puts in the effort to both find my podcast lucrative sponsorship and promote my show through feed drop swaps with bigger podcasts and cross-promotion arrangements with others in and out of the network. With them, my download numbers have grown noticeably, and I've gotten more major, recognizable advertising campaigns than ever before."
Host of Historical Blindness
"Airwave took the time to listen to our needs and demonstrated sensitivity to our concerns about advertising.  Since joining the network in 2022, they have consistently placed ads that align with our purpose, unlike previous networks . Their team is very supportive and responsive. Their professionalism makes it a pleasure to be part of the network and we look forward to a lasting relationship."
Host of A Mindful Moment
A Mindful Moment
History That Doesn't Suck!
"Good partners are essential to any endeavor, and the world of podcasting is no different. From the creative process to the business end of things, you need people who not only do their jobs but take pride in what they do and care about the people around them. That's why I am delighted to be working with Airwave. Theair team epitomizes professionalism and sincerity."
Host of Historiy That Doesn't Suck!
"There are a lot of moving parts when making a weekly radio show.  Their expert services free us to use our creative energies to make the best show we can.  Without a doubt, our program is simply better thanks to the efforts of Airwave."
Host of Big Picture Science
Big Picture Science
"This is the first podcast network I have been a part of where I can always depend on getting help and support. Emails are responded to, questions are answered. At the same time I have never been pressured to change my podcast, release schedule, or content based on. The network respects and supports my path as an independent creator, and I have experienced constant growth since joining the network."
Host of Historiy of the Second World War and History of the Great War
"Joining the Airwave podcast network has allowed us to seamlessly streamline our podcast’s advertising efforts. They care about fostering thoughtful brand partnerships that are in alignment with our listeners’ needs and wants. We couldn’t be more happy with the results Airwave has brought us thus far."
Host of Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy
Baby-Led Weaning
The Explorers Podcast
“Joining the Airwave Media Network has been a boon for my podcast. After about a year with them, my downloads have doubled, and traffic continues to grow. It's awesome.”
Host of The Explorers Podcast
"Joining Airwave has been a wonderful experience; not only did we witness significant growth, but the support from the team has been invaluable. What sets Airwave apart from other networks is their commitment to high-quality content that makes a positive impact, and our show takes great pride in being a part of it."
Host of Culture Kids Podcast
Culture Kids
The History of China
"I've enjoyed a very positive partnership with Airwave. In terms of overall audience growth, revenue-sharing, and sponsorship deals, I've been very impressed with what they've done for my show. They're a very nice, helpful, and patient group of people who have been more than willing to walk me through steps of the process. I've really enjoyed my time with them, and look forward to many more yet to come!"
Host of The History of China
"I've enjoyed the good fortune of being a part of several networks over the years, and Airwave is the first one where I feel like I am part of a community of shows trying to grow and succeed together, rather than just being a number in their lineup!”
Host of Southern Gothic
Good Job Brain!
"Airwave is the Samwise to our Frodo. We're all about maximizing our brain power, so having Airwave support our creative vision, guide us in this growing landscape, and handle ad coordination allows us to focus on what we do best: creating a darn good trivia podcast that we still have to burn onto CDs for our parents to play in their car."
Co-host of Good Job Brain!
“Switching to Airwave Media has seen a notable increase in my streaming and download numbers. The inter-podcast promotion is excellent, and you can easily find many shows on Airwave's network just by listening to your favourite podcasts. It's a great system, and it works well!"
Host of The History of Egypt Podcast
History of Egypt
Queens Podcast
"A really great experience. Navigating the ever-changing world of podcasting is daunting, but Airwave is always available to answer questions, provide feedback, and offer guidance  They have a real sense of community. The other podcasts on Airwave are just amazing and having this network of like-minded creators to collaborate with, share and learn from is such a value for any creator. 
Co-host of Queens Podcast
"Thanks to Airwave's help with community building and cross-promoting on other shows, the History Uncovered podcast has been able to reach new audiences and expand its scope. Without Airwave's roster of engaging shows similar to ours, we wouldn't have been able to make the same strides in growing our listener base."
Producer or History Uncovered
History Uncovered
Pax Britannica
I joined the Airwave network in 2023, and they have been brilliant partners for my show. I've had great opportunities for growth and promotion, and Airwave have been really proactive in supporting me. I’m excited to see what 2024 brings!
Host of Pax Britannica
"Working with Airwave has been very valuable to my co-host and I.  We've enjoyed working with Airwave and have never had any issues with selecting ads that worked with our values. As a science-focused podcast, it is very important to us that we don't compromise our values in the pursuit of income and Airwave has supported that from the beginning."
Co-host of Monstertalk
The Pirate History Podcast
Working with Airwave has been a wonderful experience. They make connecting with other podcasters so simple, and they have excellent tools for ad management. Airwave really helps streamline the podcasting process."
Host of The Pirate History Podcast
“I have to say that joining Airwave has been an absolute delight. My listenership more than doubled in less than six months.”
 of Who Did What Now
Who Did What Now
The Box of Oddities
“Since we have joined forces with Airwave media we’ve been impressed not only by their genuine concern for our continued success but the level of communication we receive.” 
Co-host of The Box of Oddities and The Shallow End
“I feel like the Airwave team really "gets" my show, respects my audience, and is committed to success. As an indie creator with a strong history and following, this is crucial."
 of The Past & the Curious
The Past & the Curious
Family Road Trip Trivia
"Joining Airwave Media has been such a positive experience for our podcast, not just financially, but from start to finish. We were escorted through set-up and ad sales, and feel so heard and cared for by the entire Airwave staff. Ad sales have increased, our revenue has increased, and the support from Airwave has enabled us to reinvest in our podcast, and massively grow our audience."
Host of Family Road Trip Trivia
"Joining Airwave media has been seamless and such a joy. We have seen a big jump in our All Creatures's podcast revenue and growth. The team handles so much for us that it has let us work on other aspects to grow our podcast. The podcasting industry is changing rapidly and being part of an established podcast network  like Airwave Media was a no brainer for us!!"
Co-host of All Creatures Podcast
All Creatures
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