While Black


While Black: A Black Excellence Podcast with two seriously opinionated hosts bringing you the real and the sometimes raw on anything happening while black. Every week Art and Vince deliver expert, influencer, and celebrity guests ready to share powerful information the black community needs. While Blacks goals are simple: Create awareness, correct misinformation, and drive inspiration for the community.

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Darius Hicks

Entrepreneur, digital marketer, and podcaster Darius Hicks (MBA) is an accomplished professional with 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  His time in corporate America gained him significant experience from top companies such as Walmart US, and Tyson Foods.   His tenure at these established companies netted him an invaluable set of skills and experiences.   


His entrepreneurial experiences add perspective and depth to his abilities and include founding the popular big and tall golf apparel brand, Aveo Golf, and launching Angry Media LLC, which houses his top-performing podcast, While Black.  


His passion for the podcast industry began over three years ago when he created and launched the popular podcast, While Black.  While Black supports the black community with awareness, information, and inspiration directly from industry experts and influencers, while supporting out-of-culture listeners with access to answers they are often afraid to ask aloud.  Today, While Black performs in the top 5% of all US-based podcasts and is streamed in many countries.


Darius’ experiences and passion position him exceptionally well to focus on culture creation, voice amplification, and equity building, and he plans to expand his impact beyond podcasting.