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Airwave Kids Adds Four New Shows

May 15, 2023 — Airwave Kids, a division of Airwave podcast network, has signed an exclusive deal with The Past & the Curious, Unspookable, Reach, and Culture Kids. Ben Mathis, head of content for Airwave Kids says, "These four new podcasts are exactly the kind of educational and entertaining family content that what we had in mind when we launched Airwave Kids. We are proud to add them to our growing roster of kids shows alongside Sleep Tight Stories, What If World, Tumbe Science Podcast for Kids, and more."

The new additions to Airwave Kids include:

  • The Past & the Curious - A history podcast for kids and families. Created by museum professional, educator and author Mick Sullivan, The Past and The Curious explores many of the people and places left out of the history books. With humor, respect, rich context, great storytelling, and professional original music, we’ve made fans of kids, adults, educators and media professionals alike.

  • Unspookable - Unspookable is a family friendly look at the histories and mysteries behind your favorite scary stories, myths and urban legends. Each week host Elise Parisian digs into the history, brain science, and power dynamics behind such topics as Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie, and Ouija Boards to find the stories behind the scares.

  • Reach - A Space Podcast for Kids is a weekly, family friendly exploration of our galaxy (and beyond!) with hosts Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien. Built for kids and based on questions from kids, REACH educates with entertaining segments, fun at-home experiments, and interviews with subject matter experts & thought partners from leading institutions like the Adler Planetarium, Cosmosphere, Exploration Place, and more. Subscribe today, and get knowledge...within your Reach. A co-production between Soundsington Media and Sandy Marshall.

  • Culture Kids - Culture Kids Podcast believes that fostering curiosity and passion for culture, geography and adventure is how children develop an open mind and heart. Through each episode, we want to help create a more kind, tolerant and understanding world for children everywhere and help them see the beauty in our differences. But also at the same time, as the great Maya Angelou said, "We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. So pack your bags, because it’s time to expand our imagination and become globe trottin’ explorers in the comfort of our own homes!

Airwave is home to 80 popular podcasts, including Big Picture Science, Good Job Brain, The History of Everything, Investing for Beginners, Sleepy, The Explorer’s Podcast, The Purpose Show, The Movies

That Made Me, Ben Franklin’s World, Wake Me Up, History of the Second World War, The Team House, Redacted History, Who Arted?, Ancient History Fangirl, Settle the Stars, A Mindful Moment, Queens Podcast, Earn & Invest, My History Can Beat Up Your Politics, Small Things Often, The History of Egypt, Unbiased Science, The Constant, History Tea Time, and Pulse of the Planet. Find a complete listing of all programs available on Airwave at

Airwave is a curated podcast network that believes learning and entertainment go hand in hand. Airwave empowers select podcast creators to do their best work, grow an audience, and increase revenue. Airwave’s programs are available for free across all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and more.

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