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The History of
the Second World War 

History of the Great War

History of the Second World War is a weekly podcast which will cover World War 2, beginning with the tumultuous years after the First World War, continuing into the descent into war during the 1930s, through the war years, and then into the post war aftermath.

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Wesley Livesay

My name is Wesley Livesay. Since 2014 I have been creating history podcasts with the goal of making history interesting and approachable to listeners of all knowledge levels. I also hope to be able to shed light on lesser-known stories in very well-known events, like the Second World War. From July 2014 to December 2019 I released over 250 episodes for History of the Great War, my podcast covering the First World War. In Spring 2020 I started a new podcast, History of the Second World War, in which I hope to eventually cover the entire history of the Second World War, from the interwar period to the founding of the United Nations. 

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