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Airwave Signed Podcasts from WIRED, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and More

August 3, 2023—Airwave Media, the leading educational podcast network, has signed a

distribution deal with SpokenLayer including marketing and programmatic monetization of 24 podcasts from major media brands like The History Channel, WIRED, Fast Company, IGN, TechCrunch, and more.

Airwave has quickly built a reputation as the go-to network for smart podcasts for the “constantly

curious” listener and has had success with shows in the business, history, and entertainment

categories. The deal with SpokenLayer expands Airwave’s existing footprint in these categories and

gives the network a significant new presence in tech and news.

The deal includes current SpokenLayer productions This Day in History, What’s New with WIRED,

TechCrunch Daily Crunch, WIRED Science, Yahoo! Finance, AccuWeather Daily, WIRED

Business, WIRED Security, IGN Daily Briefing, TechCrunch Industry News, Engadget News,

TechCrunch Startups News, Real Simple, The Dallas Morning News, Engadget Morning Edition,

SoFi Daily Podcast, Transport Topics, Work Smarter by Fast Company, New York Daily News, Inc.,

IGN Game Reviews, IGN Game & Entertainment News, IGN Movie Reviews, and Shadow Realm.

Ben Mathis, Head of Content and Partnerships for Airwave, says “Both listeners and advertisers

have been gravitating toward shorter, more frequent content since the pandemic, and SpokenLayer

produces a remarkable roster of quality, daily podcasts with some of the best names in the business.

We are very proud to work with such talented producers and some of the most trusted media brands

in the world.”

“We're excited to partner with Airwave, a collaborator that really understands the curious, informed consumer and knows how to build an audience with a listening habit. We're so excited to bring our portfolio of great content to their network of smart educational podcasts. They've worked with some of the best brands, and we're delighted to bring our great portfolio of content to Airwave and to their audience.” said Lauren Nagel, SpokenLayer’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer.

Airwave is home to over 100 popular podcasts, including Big Picture Science, Good Job Brain, The

History of Everything, HerMoney, Tumble, Most Notorious, Sleepy, What If World, The Explorer’s

Podcast, The Purpose Show, The Movies That Made Me, Sleep Tight Stories, Ben Franklin’s World,

Wake Me Up, History of the Second World War, The Team House, Redacted History, Who Arted,

Ancient History Fangirl, Settle the Stars, A Mindful Moment, Queens Podcast, Earn & Invest, My

History Can Beat Up Your Politics, Small Things Often, The History of Egypt, Unbiased Science,

The Constant, History Tea Time, and Pulse of the Planet. Find a complete listing of all programs

available on Airwave at .

Airwave is a curated podcast network that believes learning and entertainment go hand in hand.

Airwave empowers select podcast creators to do their best work, grow their audience, and monetize

their content through advertising, paid subscriptions, and more. Airwave’s programs are available for

free across all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music,

Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and more.

SpokenLayer is an enterprise audio platform focused on short-form listener-driven experiences. Working with premium global media companies, streaming platforms, and brands we’ve authored, distributed, and monetized nearly 500,000 pieces of content since launching in 2012. We strive to help inform, inspire, and entertain listeners through storytelling and diverse perspectives. We believe great spoken stories are the foundation of human connection and have the power to impact culture.


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