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All Creatures Moves to Airwave

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Airwave Media is proud to announce that All Creatures has joined Airwave's growing list of science podcasts. Drs. Chris Mortensen and Angie Adkin are the hosts of the All Creatures Podcast. Both are PhD scientists who have studied and worked with many animals, to include some of the world’s most endangered species. In their podcast, they cover a new animal species each week. The include such topics such as the animal’s natural history, physiology, behavior, mating strategies and more. They also continue to interview many conservation experts, scientists, and enthusiasts from around the globe. Their guests share their incredible stories and how they fight to preserve some of most endangered animals on our planet.

About Airwave Media:

Airwave is a curated collection of podcasts featuring some of the leading storytellers and thought leaders in audio entertainment. The network includes over 50 popular existing shows in history, science, travel, food, the arts, health, education, true crime, and audio-documentaries.

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