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“History That Doesn’t Suck!” Joins Airwave

December 20, 2023 — Airwave podcast network has signed a deal with Professor Greg Jackson, host of History That Doesn’t Suck! The deal will include distribution, monetization, marketing, and promotion of the popular history show that receives one million downloads per month.

Ben Mathis, Head of Content and Partnerships for Airwave, says “History has always been an important priority at Airwave. Greg Jackson is one of the most respected historians in America and one the most masterful storytellers in podcasting. He truly brings the past to life on History That Doesn’t Suck! and audiences adore him for it. I couldn’t be prouder to welcome HTDS to our growing history roster.”

Professor Greg Jackson added, "Good partners are essential to any endeavor, and the world of podcasting is no different. From the creative process to the business end of things, you need people who not only do their jobs but take pride in what they do and care about the people around them. That's why I am delighted to be working with Airwave. Ben Mathis and his team epitomize professionalism and sincerity, the proof of which comes in the growing roster of thoughtful shows they represent. I look forward to working with Ben and everyone at Airwave."

About HTDS and Professor Jackson

History That Doesn’t Suck! (HTDS) is a bi-weekly podcast delivering a seriously researched, hard-hitting sur- vey of American history told through entertaining stories. Since 2017 Professor Greg Jackson has been un- spooling a thrilling narrative that started with the Revolution and will (eventually) go right up to the present. Jackson’s history-telling is underscored by an original music score and immersive sound design that transports listeners back in time to familiar and lesser-known events populated by the fascinating diversity of people who contributed to the ongoing story of a nation “conceived in Liberty” and high ideals of equality and op- portunity.

Jackson holds a PhD in history, is a tenured Associate Professor and Senior Fellow in National Security Stud- ies, as well as Fellow of Integrated Studies at Utah Valley University. He is also a frequent commentator in film and TV documentaries. HTDS is apolitical with Professor Jackson’s only agenda being to make scholarly researched American history more accessible and educational through entertaining stories.

About Airwave

With over 100 shows, Airwave is the curated podcast network for the “constantly curious” listener. From history, arts, and science to wellness, kids, and business, Airwave partners with the shows that make us better, smarter humans. Airwave combines everything that podcasters love about being independent with all of the creative, strategic, and financial support of a podcast network. Airwave partners with select content creators to deliver the most aggressive audience growth, host-read and programmatic ad sales, paid subscriptions, and brand expansion into live events and other media. Visit for more information.


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