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"The Civil War" Podcast Comes to Airwave

August 20, 2023 - Airwave has signed the wildly popular history podcast The Civil War to the network

The Civil War weaves together a chronological narrative of the Civil War era. The hosts Richard and Tracy Youngdahl started the podcast because we wanted to share our passion for history with others, and because we think the Civil War is not only a fascinating story from the past but is also important to understanding the America we live in today.

About Airwave

Airwave is home to over 100 popular podcasts, including This Day in History, Big Picture Science, Fast Company Daily, Good Job Brain, The Civil War Podcast, TechCrunch Daily, The History of Everything, The Economist's The World in Brief, HerMoney, Tumble, Yahoo Finance Daily, Most Notorious, Sleepy, What If World, The Explorer’s Podcast, The Purpose Show, The Movies That Made Me, Sleep Tight Stories, Ben Franklin’s World, Wake Me Up, History of the Second World War, The Team House, Redacted History, Queens Podcast, Earn & Invest, My History Can Beat Up Your Politics, Small Things Often, The History of Egypt, Unbiased Science, The Constant, History Tea Time, and more. Find a complete listing of all programs available on Airwave at .

Airwave is a curated podcast network that believes learning and entertainment go hand in hand.

Airwave empowers select podcast creators to do their best work, grow their audience, and monetize

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